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GTN in VC very laggy on Just Flight Turbo Arrow
So I picked up the TDS GTN since it now has VC integration and uses the garmin trainer.....but I am having a bit of an issue with the VC version being very laggy to inputs. IF I pop the screen out as a window it works perfectly but using it in the VC is just mind numbingly slow.

I have panel refresh set to high in sim, and I don't see any other settings that I know of to make the UI snappier. Any suggestions? This is the only GTN unit I have in the community folder.
Hello Nick,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the TDS GTNXi in a VC integration. Is it possible to please temporarily lower the MSFS settings and see if the GTNXI is still laggy?
Additionally, we can point you to lowering the panel.cfg size (resolution) of the GTNXi, this iwll mean losing some clarity of the GTNXi, but performance will improve.
Can you please post your full system specs?
I'm not running a total potato...
Ryzen 7 5800x
32gb ddr4 3600 ram
RTX 2070 Super (I wont pay 2-3k for a video card upgrade just based on the principal of it)
game and folder on a fast nvme m.2 drive
I run a 4k monitor with render res set at 80% with mostly high settings. I'm getting 45+fps in the sim. No change in that FPS performance when running the TDS GTN. its just the GTN UI in the VC itself when manipulated is slow. If I pop the window out, the UI performance is as I would expect it to be and the mirrored VC GTN has the same performance as the pop up window.
I can confirm this issue. I did a two hour flight yesterday with the Just Flight turbo Arrow and noticed towards the end the GTN was so unresponsive. I was having to push buttons two or three times to respond. It wouldn't zoom in any more and moving the map had a lot of lag. It got so bad I aborted the flightplan and just diverted to the nearest airport. My fps were normal. Here are my specs...

CPU-i7-8700K | 32GB Ram | GTX 1080 Ti | Samsung SSD 860 EVO | Win10 Pro 21H2
Hello Scott, do you use Discord? If you do, it would greatly help if you please contact us there, as it would speed up the process. Thank you.
One common cause of this bug that we have noticed is that if the screen resolution is set to 1440p or higher, then MSFS would use 100% of the GPU (as shown on the task manager), this essentially leaves no more room for the GTNXi to draw. The solution would be to give just a little bit of room to the GTNXi as a simple test, this will show us if the situation can improve and if we are working on it from a correct angle.
(02-24-2022, 11:03 AM)admin Wrote: Hello Scott, do you use Discord? If you do, it would greatly help if you please contact us there, as it would speed up the process. Thank you.

Yes I do have a Discord account. I will need to re-install it, but I have to do it later today. May take me a little time to get familiar with it again.
Alternatively, as a test scenario for customers, would be to set the frame rate limiter to something a bit lower than what MSFS offers, this way some video card resources are freed up for the GTNXi to use.
Yip, just bought it today and whilst I like it, it is very laggy indeed on Turbo Arrow IV (havent tried with other aircraft yet). I am running 32GB 3600Mhz Ram, RTX2080 Super and Ryzen 9 3900X with both the TDS GTNXi and MSFS both on M.2 Drives. I am running at 5120x1440 therefore I am not set to a higher resolution than 1440. I too have reasonably good FPS at around 45 and have refresh panel rate set at Medium in settings

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