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ATC problem with annoying solution
Guten Tag Smile

Yesterday I bought the TDS GTNXi (I love it) especially for the "JustFlight" Pipers. Unfortunately there is a problem and also a solution which could be a bit annoying in the long run ;-)
Problem: when I start a flight the ATC does not work, neither the voice output nor the text!
Solution: if I then click through all the GPS on the tablet (in the cockpit) (TDS GTNXi/PMS50 GTN/GPS 100.... etc) until I get back to the TDS GTNXi, the ATC works normally again.

I have only had the ATC problem since installing TDS GTNXi!

Is this a known problem? Is there a permanent solution?
Thanks for the help! Smile

Does this bug occur only with the Just Flight Pipers? Are you able to test using another add-on aircraft and let us know if you experience the problem wit it? This would help us know where we can direct the problem to (us or Just Flight).

Thank you.
The insidious thing about this mistake is:
If you start with one of the Arrows from JustFlight the first time, the "TDS GTNXi" is not yet active and the ATC works normally after you have activated the TDS.
On the second flight, however, the "TDS GTNXi" is already activated and the ATC does not work! Only when you click once through the round on the tablet does the ATC work again.
I use the TDS GTNXi also with the Caronado 337, but there I have to activate the "750" every time anyway, so there is no problem.
We understand. Our question is if you have another MSFS add-on aircraft that has the TDS GTNXi integration and you can test under a similar scenario?
No, currently not only the 337 Skymaster from this side -.
V2 of the C337 integration mod
Today I saw the MilViz 310R in the marketplace and bought it. There have been no problems with ATC here so far after 4 short flights.
Are there any ideas what could be the problem here? As I said, when I click through all the navigation devices in the cockpit on the tablet, the ATC works. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work when the TDS GTNXi is already set on the tablet.
Is there no one else who has the same problem?

We will test this problem ourselves and get back to you, but we are also interested if other users experience the same issue.
We just tested defaulting to the TDS GTNXi inside the JF Piper and set an ATIS frequency, we are able to hear it just fine. Can you confirm that this is the case?
Additionally, what would help us is to please provide us with the start airport.runway and COM frequencies being set in the GTNXi.

Thank you.
when I get into the cockpit and switch on battery/avonics, Com 1 is always 124.850 and Com 2 136.975.
Then I enter the freq. for ground control LICJ 121.625 and click on taxi clearance to the runway - now I hear and see nothing of the clearance, only after a few seconds my confirmation is displayed and as soon as I click on it I also hear it. If I now click through all GPS options on the tablet and back to the TDS GTNXi, I also hear and see the clearance for take-off again (119.050). If I had already clicked through all the GPS options before the taxi clearance, I would also have heard the clearance from ground control!!!!
And it doesn't matter whether I take off in LOAV/LOWW/EDDM or in LICJ - if I want to hear the ATC I have to click through all the GPS options on the tablet first......
Today I switched to Win 11, but nothing has changed----

Translated with (free version)

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