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TDSGTNXi Flight Sim V1.0.3.2 Released
Version released 04.11.2023
Bug Fix: Rare CTDs with HPG H160 and possibly other aircraft add-ons (Black Square TBM)
Performance Improvements

Version released 21.10.2023
Bug Fix: Electrical Circuits not set correctly in the upcoming SWS PC-12
Bug Fix: METAR not working anymore due to server disruption
Bug Fix: Autopilot TOGA button not working
Bug Fix: Autopilot logic improvements

Version released 17.08.2023
Bug Fix - Just Flight Piper Arrow, Turbo Arrow, Warrior autopilot not working correctly - requires updating to the latest version of the JF Pipers and TDS GTNXi
Bug Fix - Correct capture of altitude for FSW C414 in IAS mode

Version released 15.08.2023
Bug Fix - IAS mode in FSW C414
Bug Fix - Distance to Next waypoint variable not set correctly (Black Square KingAir)

Version released 08.08.2023
Special Implementation - A2A Comanche Fuel Flow

Version released 05.06.2023
Bug Fix - FSW C414 FLC Mode

Version released 02.06.2023
New Feature - 2211 Navigation and Charts databases via Aviation Trainer Launcher version

Version released 01.05.2023

New Feature - GTNXi PC Trainer V20.30.8 support
New Feature - Performance improvements for Hardware GPU Scheduling enabled with the new GTNXi PC Trainer V20.30.8, there is no need to disable GPU Hardware Scheduling (HAGS) anymore provided you have the GTNXi PC Trainer V20.30.8
New Feature - TDS GTNXi turns off internally if it is not the selected GPS navigator - improved performance
New Feature - Electrical Circuit Support - the TDS GTNXi can be attached to specific electrical circuits for aircraft that support this feature (HPG H145, SWS RV-10)

Bug Fix - Just Flight Pipers proper autopilot control in holds, procedure turns, DME Arcs
Bug Fix - Manual Typo for Custom VFR Code INI file section name

WIP Feature - Ability to display  Standalone mode when using VC Integrated aircraft (currently the VC integrated gauge will be black and this is a working in progress feature). This feature allows for running external hardware (RSG and others to be able to fully enjoy the autopilot and draw the GTN750Xi and GTN650Xi to a secondary monitor.
Requires creating a dummy text file called "Standalone.txt" in the installation path: "C:\ProgramData\TDS\GTNXi"
We plan on further expanding this feature and creating a more user friendly interface in future versions, but we have released this feature now so customers can enjoy this functionality

Version released 28.02.2023
Bug Fix: Seamless management of TDS GTNXi WT GNS hot swap for Black Square aircraft (requires latest version of each aircraft)

Version released 02.02.2023
Bug Fix: Autopilot Modes not engaging correctly under certain situations
New Feature: Better support for Black Square aircraft
New Feature: Better support for Carenado aircraft

Version released 23.12.2022
New Feature: Ability to disable TDS GTNXI internal autopilot/GPS variables for add-on aircraft which have multiple GPS options which can be toggled from the virtual tablet.
Bug Fix: Minor display alignment on the standalone GTN650Xi

Version released 04.12.2022
Bug Fix: Resolved all compatibility issues with Working Title GNS 530/430: touchscreen capability and autopilot/variable functionality for these aircraft
Black Square KingAir
BlackSquare Caravan
Milviz C310
Carenado PC12
OrbX PAC750
JustFlight Piper Arrow
JustFlight Piper Turbo Arrow III
JustFlight Piper Turbo Arrow IV
JustFlight Piper Warrior II

Important Note: Requires Version 1.0.3 of the Working Title GNS 530/430 which can be updated from within MSFS/Community Manager/Marketplace
We would like to thank the Working Title team for their quick and professional resolution to this issue!

Bug fix: minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version released 13.10.2022
New Feature: Worldwide live METAR accessed from the Airport page
Bug Fix: CTD on startup in some rare cases
Bug Fix: Better autopilot control in VS/Pitch mode
Bug Fix: Altitude Alerter not working in certain add-ons

Version released 29.08.2022
Bug Fix: Altitude Hold with WT G1000 NXi as the primary navigator and TDS GTNXi working in background
Bug Fix: Ability not to override the approach mode when the TDS GTNXi is not the primary navigator. This feature extends to other modes
Bug Fix: Altitude capture when in pitch mode with the FSW C414
Bug Fix: Coordination with default G5 navigation source, as seen in the AzurPoly TB-30
Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version released 04.06.2022
Bug Fix: VLOC/GPS switch not correlating with simulator variable/other 3rd party switches
Bug Fix: Autopilot NAV/APR Armed capability when HDG is engaged and no active flight plan/DTO data in the GTNXi
Bug Fix: GTNXi Unit Startup Message when a new version is available - new bug

Version released 31.05.2022

New Feature/Bug Fix: Lateral Autopilot control for the HPG H145
New Feature: Upon GTNXi startup procedure, the MSFS NAV/GPS switch will be changed to GPS so the GTNXi Instrument Panel Self test will always function
Bug Fix: GTNXi Unit Startup Message when a new version is available
Bug Fix: Better Com/NAV frequency hadling with MSFS
Bug Fix: Correct Date/Time upon load, before connecting to MSFS
Bug Fix: Display of Selected Altitude ARC on the map page
Bug Fix: Rare case of the GTNXi display being stretched horizontally and the mouse clicks would not correlate with the screen

Latest TDS GPS Manager version released 31.05.2022
Bug Fix: Ability to select desired MSFS Simulator version (Windows Store or Steam) for the rare cases where there are multiple installed versions due to a MSFS beta/dual install

Version released 28.04.2022

Bug Fix: VLOC/GPS switch using Just Flight Pipers
Bug Pix: Improvements to the COM/NAV radio frequency handling

Version released 28.04.2022

Bug Fix: Startup CTD under very rare circumstances
Bug Fix: Lateral Deviation SimVars not correlate with the selected GTNXi sensitivity, as seen during approaches and SmartGlide

Latest TDS GPS Manager version released 28.04.2022

Version released 26.04.2022

New Feature: Glidepath variable display as a default MSFS variable: correlated to both the default G1000/G3X/G5 standby displays, as well as HSI variable display for non glass avionics
Bug Fix: Flying an ILS approach coupled with the MSFS Autopilot in APR mode would not intercept LOC/GS
Bug Fix: Selected Altitude Range Arc (Cyan Altitude Banana) under the newest PC Trainer not displaying
Bug Fix: CTD or no autopilot functionality with the GTNXi PC Trainer v20.12.27
New Feature: Disable the GPU Hardware Scheduling On Warning Pop-uyp on startup - The procedure to disable the warning is described in the manual

Note: While the TDS GTNXi does not need to be updated with each MSFS Service Update (SU) release, we suggest updating the TDS GTNXi to the latest version so you can benefit from the latest features only available in the Service Update!

Version released 10.04.2022

Bug Fix: Com/Nav frequencies not being set correct

Bug Fix: Autopilot Nav/Apr mode sometimes not being set correctly internally

Bug Fix: Ability to disable default system timezone within the interface/settings tab

Bug Fix: Fix for black screen within VC Integrated version with dual MSFS installations from Windows Store and Steam

Bug Fix: Selected Altitude Range Arc (Cyan Altitude Banana) under the newest PC Trainer not displaying

Bug Fix: Flying Holds correctly using the Just Flight PA28s

Bug Fix: Better approach handling

New Feature: Interface message pop-up when a dual MSFS installation from Windows Store and Steam detected

New Feature: Message pop-up when Hardware GPU Scheduling detected (More information in the forum performance thread)

General Performance improvements

Regarding performance improvements, we recommend that all users read and apply our fixes from the forum Performance thread, this thread is being updated as soon as we have new data available.

Latest TDS GPS Manager version released 10.04.2022

Version released 23.02.2022

Bug Fix: Fix Black screen with any VC Integration - This was a bug related to the Steam version of MSFS and Beta versions having remnants
To update to the latest version, please use the TDS GPS Manager version
Bug Fix: Mono Audio when playing GTNXi sounds
Bug Fix: Com/Nav frequencies not transferring correctly to MSFS with the 650Xi

Latest TDS GPS Manager version released 23.02.2022

Version released 21.02.2022

Important Bug Fix: Fix Black screen with G1000 MFD VC Integration - This was a bug related to the Steam version of MSFS.
To update to the latest version, please use the TDS GPS Manager version

Version released 18.02.2022

New Feature: Full Virtual Cockpit Integration as described in the official integration webpage:

Note: Requires version of the TDS GPS Manager!

Latest TDS GPS Manager version released 18.02.2022

Version released 26.12.2021

Bug Fix: Improved Autopilot Approach and crashes

Version released 17.12.2021

New Feature: Major Autopilot improvements - a totally smooth autopilot without any jitters
New Feature: Flight Director correlation with the autopilot
New Feature: Default Flight Simulator GPS variables are being written to MSFS so they display correctly on the HSI (except for the glidepath)
New Feature: Support for the latest PC Trainer with 2104 databases
Bug Fix: Windows 11 CTDs and compatibility
Bug Fix: TCAS fixes and improvements
Bug Fix: Transponder system improvements

Latest TDS GPS Manager version released 17.12.2021

Version released 30.06.2021

New Feature: Dimming of displays via the Settings tab from the interface
Bug Fix: Window positions not saving under certain conditions
Bug Fix: White window under certain multi-monitor configurations
Bug Fix: Main Interface, Settings tab Typo
Bug Fix: CTD when the autopilot is in Heading mode
Bug Fix: Random Simconnect dropping the connection

Version released 09.06.2021

Bug Fix: Transponder and audio panel not working

Version released 09.06.2021

Bug Fix: Antivirus false positive warnings - Second Attempt

Version released 09.06.2021
Bug Fix: Antivirus false positive warnings - First Attempt
Bug Fix: Autopilot is not in control when the VLOC/GPS switch is in VLOC mode
New Feature: Remove Window Frames
Bug Fix: Auto Close of PC Trainer if there are problems with the main Executable
Bug Fix: Occasional flickering of the main interface

Latest TDS GPS Manager version released 28.05.2021
Bug Fix: MSFS Steam installation resulting in empty TDS GTNXi field

Version released 24.05.2021

New Feature: Remove Window Frame
Bug Fix: Black Screen on the GTNXi 750 and GTNXi 650
Bug Fix: Lock Screen Ratio GTNXi 650
Bug Fix: TDS GPS Manger: Invalid Email/Password

Version released 17.05.2021
Version released 04.11.2023

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