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Several Questions
Hi, I've got a few questions.

In Timers, it appears that the function that records take-off time records the local time of my PC instead of in the timezone of my aircraft. Can I change this?

How do I calculate a TOD and have it show up? Sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't. I know VNAV isn't supported (really hoping this will change) but can a TOD be calculated with just the descent angle?

Does the Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate setting in MSFS affect the framerate of the GTN in the VC? If not, what does?

I know it's not high on the priority list, but will music support be considered?

This is a massive stretch, but since the product is presumably a utility that links Garmin Trainer to MSFS, will other products be considered? There's a massive lack of quality glass cockpit avionics for GA in MSFS so I think for example G500/600 TXi would be awesome and would go really well with the 750/650 Xi. 


We have forwarded your questions to the appropriate person and they will get back to you.

you can change the default timezone from within the TDS GTNXi System/Setup page, please make sure that you have the correct TDS GTNXi interface setup "custom time zone" setting, as described in the manual.

In regards to TOD, you need to have altitude constraints in the flight plan page. Then the TDS GTNXi will calculate the TOD and the required VSR. If in doubt, please refer to the real GTNXi manual for correct operation.

The Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate setting in MSFS affects all VC gauges, including ours. We suggest that customers set the value to the highest allowed setting for optimal GTNXi experience.

Unfortunately music is not a priority for us.

Thank you for your question on other projects, we are not saying no to any of them, but we would prefer to concentrate on the TDS GTNXi at this time.

Best regards.

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