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Unable to select RF Procedure
Hi there,
I recently purchased this GPS for the A2A Comanche. At the moment I am flying to KPDK. I wanted to fly the RNAV for rwy 3R, which has a nice curved segment, but I cannot find it among the approaches. The interesting part is that it shows up in the charts within the GTNXi itself, so the database knows about it.

I also checked Midway and the situation is the same. The approaches containing curved segments are not available, but are on the charts. The product page says this GPS is capable of flying such procedures, so I must be missing something. 

Is there some kind of setting that I need to switch on somewhere?

Other than this issue, the GTNXi is fantastic. Keep up the good work!

Hello Fabrizio,

The TDS GTNXi, just like the real GTN Xi unit can not fly RNP approaches, your approach being of RNP type with AR(authorization required), this is done just like in real life. Not even the real G1000NXI systems are capable of flying such approaches.

It can fly the curved RF leg types just fine, but you will need to find another approach/airport. As in the KRNO ILS 16R

Good luck and please let us know how it goes.
Thanks for your help. I did a bit of reading online and found this article
I thought that RF legs were only possible in RNP AR approaches,  but it's not the case anymore.  The ILS 17R procedure you told me about and some other mentioned in the article I linked do indeed include RF legs on non AR procedures.
However, I feel like these are not so common, so it might take me a while to stumble on one of those.

Looks like a tricky topic, I'll read a bit more. The GTNXi does indeed allow me to load NON AR procedures with RF legs.

Thanks again for your help!
We are glad to hear this, please enjoy the TDS GTNXi!

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