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Auto Load FlightSimEXE with MSFS start?
I love your GTN 750, great product!

Every once in a while, I noticed that the C:\ProgramData\TDS\GTNXi\FlightSimEXE program starts with MSFS upon its start-up. Most of the time it does not. I copied the path to the addon linker to run the file when MSFS starts but even then the app does not start and the screens in the aircraft remain black until I start it manually.

This is not a big problem but maybe there is a setting somewhere that takes care of it?

Hello Gunter,

Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate them.

In regards to the auto load, the TDS GTNXi is started by MSFS automatically, through an EXE.xml setting, the EXE.XML file is located here in MFS Windows Store installations:

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If you have the TDS GTNXi entry in the EXE.xml file, then all is good.

Can you perhaps try temporarily disabling Addon linker and attempt to start MSFS a few times. Maybe it works, in which case the Addon link is causing problems.
Thanks for your quick reply. I never used the addon linker for the TDXi before, I just entered the path today because the auto start did not work. This is the entry in the EXE.XML:

<Name>TDS Sim Software GTNXi Gauge Integration</Name>

Is that correct?
Yes, the entry is correct. Do you use the add-on linker all the time? We have found out that under some rare circumstances, the add-on linker is somehow preventing the EXE.XML to load our TDS GTNXi.
I have most of my scenery and livery addons sorted with the addon linker. I have no problems with the other apps listed in the exe.xml. Do you know if it would make sense to put all aircraft directly in the community folder?
This all depends on how you want to manage your files and file store. In regards to the TDS GTNXi, we would suggest running a few tests with the add-on linker disabled just to confirm if this program loads file on startup.
Thanks, I tried that and it made no difference. By now, all other programs that are supposed to start up with the exe.xml don't start up anymore. I suspect the problem in that file.
Yes, what you could try is temporarily backup the file and remove it from that location, then reinstall the TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator EXE from within the TDS GPS Manager (no need to reinstall the PC Trainer). Hopefully this will resolve the problem. Are you still running the add-on linker? As we suspect that somehow it interferes.
Sorry to chime in here but the same thing happens to me but with the Fenix A320 with Addon Linker installed. I also have never moved the Fenix itself to the Addon Linker and the program to start the Fenix is fine in the xml file it just wont auto start. Reinstalled did nothing so I think its the Addon Linker causing some weird issue somehow.
Thank you for your input, we will look into it.

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