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White window
I have a problem since version
I have a 3 screens configuration.
When I click on the GTN750Xi button in the TDS GRNXi application, I have a GTN750Xi window that opens on screen 1.
If I move this window inside screen 1 and I quit the application, when I restart the application and I do the same operation again (click on the GTN750Xi button) I have the GTN750Xi window that opens normally where I left it.
Until then everything is fine.
Now I move the GTN750Xi window in screen 2.
I quit the application.
I restart it. When I click on the GTN750Xi button, the window opens in screen 2, but it is all white.
I have to kill the application with the task manager and delete the TDSGTN.ini file so that the application can restart normally.
Same behavior with GTN650Xi


Translated with

[Image: 51204197047_6169238981_o.jpg]
Hello Marc,

When you get the "white window", can you please close the TDS GTNXi and send us the TDSGTN.ini file to :

Thank you.
I have the same problem since the update.

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.txt   TDSGTN.txt (Size: 852 bytes / Downloads: 5)
Thank you to both for submitting the log files. We are in process of analyzing them and overhauling the specific window code. As soon as we have news, we will let you know.
(05-27-2021, 10:10 PM)admin Wrote: Thank you to both for submitting the log files. We are in process of analyzing them and overhauling the specific window code. As soon as we have news, we will let you know.

For the sake of user feedback.. having the same issue.
This problem has been increased in priority due to the number of customers reporting issues.
So I've been getting this too and was just about to post something about it today when I saw this. Good to know the admins are aware. 

Here is a work around. (The only way for me at least to get rid of the white window and be able to use the GTN)

1. Close close the GTN app. If you are seeing the white window, you might need to end the task in task manager (ctrl+alt+del)
2. Go to C:\ProgramData\TDS\GTNXi\FlightSimEXE\
3. Delete TDSGTN.ini
4. Open the app again and start the GTN.
5. If you see the GTN screen blinking, it is because when it crashed (white window) it left the previous trainer running and now you have 2 trainers displaying information in the screen. You should have only one gtn_simulatro.exe process running. Press CTR+ALT+DEL and end any additional processes. 

This works for me every time, the downside is that by deleting the TDSGTN.ini, your settings also go with it. (Just some settings and not the saved flight plans or map information field changes.)

We think that we may know the culprit, is it that screen number 2 is attached to a different video card than screen 1?
Based on your answer, we will implement a fix.
In my case 1st and 2nd screen are running on one GPU, the 3rd (touch)screen is plugged in via USB (lilliput usb monitor).
I have 4 monitors attached to the same card (1) is 2k, (2 and 4) 1080p and the RSG GTN750 600x800.
They are all attached to a single RTX3090. I hope that helps with troubleshooting. 


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