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No Audio for Default ATC.
I'm really not feeling this software. Nothing but problems since I installed it. For one, I have lost ATC comms in the sim. Even when no flight plan is asetup in the GTN. I can hear the radio clicks, but no messages. Secondly, the GTN650 goes black several minutes into flight, but not always. This is in the JustFlight Arrow II Turbo. Then finding out all the things that don't work AFTER purchase like flight plans created in the GTN do not link with in-game ATC. As a total noob to the GTN, I can say this is not user friendly at all. It's frustrating more than anything else.

Is there a guide on how to use this software within MSFS2020? The TDS guide only focuses on installation. That was marginal at best as i was presented with all kinds of screens that weren't in the TDS install guide. If you have no idea how to read charts, or use the GTN for that matter, where do you go to learn? Throw in the issues with sim integration and I'm more than likely going to bin this as a $50.00 loss. I think the expectation here is that you have to know how to use charts and the GTN itself for the product to be useful, which is fine, but for a new user, there's no start point of reference to get you going. You're pretty much on your own.
Hello, we are sorry to hear that you are not having the best experience with the TDS GTNXi, we are here to help and assist you so all problems can be resolved.

For the ATC sound, what is the exact problem? The TDS GTNXi doe snot modify the sounds or the volume of MSFS ATC, we have no interaction with it, so we suggest that you look into the settings/sounds for the volume slider and adjust it accordingly. It may be as simple as setting the "Communicating Device Output Selection" to a different device. Even something as simple as plugging in headphones or a different audio source can cause problems.

Regarding linking flight plans to the MSFS engine, we have had a thread in this forum for a few days where we clearly state that this feature is looked into for a future update, pending on the MSFS SDK compatibility. The TDS GTNXi is a state of the art GPS system that has its own database, which is real and is exactly what a real pilot would use, this is not an approximation.

Regarding any 650 problems, we are actively working on it and as soon as we have a solution, we will issue a patch.

Thank you.
Thanks for the reply. I've isolated the sound issue to my switching sound output sources while the sim is running. Is apparently was coincidental on my part that the GTN was loaded for the first time just after doing that.

As far as flight plans and whatnot....are there any recommendations on what other software may be useful to create and import flight plans that both in-game ATC can use as well as the TDS GTN?
Yes, LittleNavMap/Simbrief are both able to create MSFS flight plans as well as GFP flight plans (which can be easily imported into the TDS GTNXi, as shown in our user's manual)

We suggest that you refer to this thread for information:
Yeah, I took a look into SimBrief and you have to be a real-world pilot to understand all that stuff. All to just get a flight plan loaded so I can use in-game ATC along with what is displayed on the GTN? No thanks. Like I said, $50.00 binned.

I don't want to diminish the effort put into this product as it certainly is realistic. For me, it's just too complex at the moment. I'll dabble with it to try and understand it better, but this is a lot of information for a noob to figure out. Perhaps a video series would help? Reading a 600 page Garmin manual to come to grips with this may/may not garner positive results due to specific and sometimes unknown limitations. If you created some videos specific as to how to use this product with MSFS2020, it may help a bit for users like me. Just an idea. Sorry to be blunt.

This app may be useful for real pilots, but it is nowhere near friendly enough for the casual MSFS2020 user like me that wants to learn more about how to build a flight plan using the GTN. That's why I bought this over the competitor's offering. Sorry for not being astute enough to understand all this stuff, but when massive blockers that were not mentioned in the marketing material present themselves, it causes problems. Maybe I'll revisit this software later when the integration is more complete with MSFS2020. If that ever happens. For now, it is unusable IMO for a noob like me. Your falling back on forum threads where these things are mentioned is underhanded IMO. Are your customers supposed to read entire forums to know the limitations of software they are purchasing? I think not. Those limitations should be front and center and you know it. Nowhere did any marketing that I recall state that flight plans created in-sim would not work with this. I've uninstalled it as it does not suit what I was looking for. You got my 50 bucks. Congrats!

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