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MSFS Alt button - cheeze1965 - 09-21-2023

When using the GTN in Pop out mode I cant use the ALT button on the Citation or the Longitude? It spins but does not update PD,Is it possible to get it to work? Undecided

UPDATE if I assign a button for + - Alt, I can change it...

RE: MSFS Alt button - adminOwner2 - 09-21-2023


As the default Citaiton Longitude has a G5000 glass system, we suggest using those avionics and not using the GTNXi side by side, in real life, it was never meant to be installed in an aircraft that already has a glass suite with its own GPS.

RE: MSFS Alt button - cheeze1965 - 09-21-2023

Thanks, I just like the TDS better....