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flightplan - mobbe123 - 05-25-2022

I use the Aerosoft Twin Otter and I loaded the sim without the gauge. So my question is; when you enter a flight plan in the TDS, do you have to enter it into the msfs 530 gps as well?
I know this aircraft is a "none integration" for the gps. Is there a help documentation that shows how to load these type of aircraft with the TDS properly?

RE: flightplan - adminOwner2 - 05-25-2022


The flight plan in the TDS GTNXi is independent of the default MSFS 530 flight plan. Because of this, you would have to enter it twice.

We have a manual that is provided with the TDS GTNXi, found either as a desktop shortcut or located here:

This described the standalone mode (this is what you are asking for non integrated add-ons) in detail. If there are any questions, please ask us.