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InGame Panel TDS GTNXi - Max Spitze - 04-06-2024


Yesterday I bought the full TDS GTNXi license (with unlimited Navigraph subscription). 

I'd like to know if it's possible to display the Tds GtnXi icon in the upper toolbar of the cockpit interior view? I'd like to display the gtnXi 750 panel on the right-hand side of my screen, as is already the case with PMS GTN 750.

RE: InGame Panel TDS GTNXi - adminOwner2 - 04-06-2024


The TDS GTNXi does not work like a MSFS in game panel, but a different functionality is offered: standalone mode. We recommend reading the manual for more information about it and if it suits your needs.

RE: InGame Panel TDS GTNXi - Max Spitze - 04-07-2024

Many thanks for this advice. I'll read the manual again.